Creating a friendly office

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There are many ways in which you can make your office more friendly. A friendly environment not only makes your employees happy but it gives off a good impression to your clients when they come into the office for meetings.

The first step to creating a friendly office starts with plants. Having many green plants in your office makes the office feel more friendly.

Having plants in your office has many benefits.

Reduced Sickness – having plants has been found to reduce the amount of time people are off sick. This is partly down to purifying the air and other plant related health benefits.

Higher productivity – studies have found workers to be more creative when working in a plant rich environment. Not only this but productivity in general seems to follow an upwards trend suggesting plants will get more out of your workforce.

On another note, a study by a Stanford professor found that you can get up to one extra day of productivity out of your employees by allowing them to work from home (WFM) from 1-2 days per week.

Less Stressed – Plants create an environment which is naturally stress relieving. Some plants give off smells which help calm and other just provide relief by sitting pretty. Regardless plants calm everyone also contributing to higher productivity and less illnesses


Decorating with Collectibles

Many offices, such as i one I worked in. Have collectibles located around the office. These can be in the form of art, or even toys. 

In my case it was collectible cars from famous movies located throughout the shelving and visible storage spaces. This was actually a really interesting way to show something about the company owners. 

Decorating with your employees in mind, or decorating as a group could be a really interesting and effective way to show what you and your company is about to people visiting or coming in for meetings.

I believe the models were from modelspace


Reading Corner

Creating a reading corner, or any chill out spot really. Is a great way to create a friendly office. If anyone in your office is feeling alienated, annoyed or just wants to be in the quiet for a little bit, then there is a space to do so. 

If you follow all of these steps you will create a friendly office space which is sure to increase productivity and create a great group atmosphere.

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